We are the proud members of the Allen High School Choir.

End of Year Banquet – May 25th 6PM – 11PM

Seniors – don’t forget we need Senior and baby pictures for the choir video at the banquet! Please submit to ahschoir18@gmail.com by May 15th.

All choir students – We want you and your friends and your choir represented on the choir banquet slideshow!! Email your pictures to ahschoir18@gmail.com by May 15.


There are 12 total choirs for the 9th-12th grade Allen High School including: Bravo, Men’s, Treble, and Women’s Select at the Lowery Freshman Center, and Chamber, Chorale Women, Chorale Men, Chorale Mixed, Eagle Select, Encore, Mixed Choir, and Treble Select at the High School.

Approximately 475 students participate in one or more of the Allen choirs.

In 2012, the Allen High School Chorale was selected to perform for the Texas Music Educators Association Convention.  In 2014 and 2010, Allen Fine Arts department was selected as a Grammy School Winner.  Our program has consistently received superior ratings at UIL and numerous other state awards.

Fun Facts:

# of AHS Choir students making Regional Choir = 22

# of students making Pre-Area Choir = 12

# of students making Area choir = 4

# of students making State choir = 3



Throughout the year, our Choir Booster Club raises money for the choir for various choir activities and costs.  These include helping offset the choir banquet cost, choir trip expenses, college scholarships for our seniors, and purchasing necessary items that the AHS arts program does not cover. Concession Stand Volunteer are required to have a 2 hour training class before they can handle food. Dorothy Thompson will be giving the Food Handler Training course at the Allen ISD Service Center August 22nd, 23rd,28th and the 29th. Class will start at 6:30pm. The Service Center is located at 1451 N. Watters. You can also take the State Food Handler course online at  Food Handler Training. The cost is $ 10.99. After you are trained, sign up to VOLUNTEER.

  • Become a Choir Booster member!
  • Attend our various fund-raisers and buy a meal for yourself!
  • Volunteer for concession stand help.

No extra time in your day? Here are two other ways to help our choir. 


Upcoming Events

End of Year Banquet – May 25th. 6PM.