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All students enrolled in the AHS & LFC Choral Departments will be responsible for the following fees: (Checks MUST have DL# and phone #)
Participation Fee (uniform maintenance, music, classroom supplies) …… $50.00

Choir Polo Shirt……………………………………………………………. $25.00 (if not previously purchased)


Optional items available at uniform check out day are booster club family memberships, t-shirts, yard signs, car decals and more!

Smart Music at home (optional) – these fees are paid online at SmartMusic.com.

Yearly Subscription………………………………………………………. $40.00





You may alter your dress, but do not cut any material except to alter length. If you must cut material from the bottom of the skirt, please leave at least 5 extra inches of material beyond the hem. Please email your director to let them know the dress has been cut so we can notate that in our inventory. Dresses with cut fabric (besides hem) must be replaced at a fee of $80.00.

Hemline – should be 1 1/2 inches from the floor when wearing concert shoes.

Concert Shoes – must be black, closed-toe, closed heeled (no mule or slide-on type shoes), and flat. Proper undergarments and black panty hose are required.

Hair and Jewelry – remember the key word is UNIFORM. Refrain from large clips, bows, and earrings. No watches, bracelets, or necklaces may be worn. One ring per hand and modest “small” earrings are acceptable. Students who choose to wear body glitter or unusual hair colorings will not be permitted to perform.

A tuxedo jacket and pants, bow tie, and cummerbund will be checked out to you. Men should purchase their own tuxedo shirt. These are available online, or at Tuxedo Junction, Hobby Lobby, and any other tuxedo store. Black DRESS shoes and socks will complete your concert attire. Tennis shoes and/or boots are NOT acceptable concert shoes.

You may find it necessary to have your uniform cleaned during the school year. The tuxes and dresses must be dry-cleaned. We recommend Terrell’s Cleaners because they clean them for AISD at a reduced rate if you tell them it’s a school choir uniform. (perhaps and address or map?)

The choir polo shirt is a uniform for many choir activities such as the Spring Trip, fundraising events, pep rally days, casual performances, and when we are hosting UIL or TMEA Choir events.

A jacket will be presented to senior students who have served the high school choir program well. Students must have participated in the choir program from the time of their enrollment in high school before their senior year and must participate through graduation of their senior year. Students will attend all performances and U.I.L. activities. Exceptions of this will be granted at the discretion of the choir director (illness, deaths, etc.). Students not adhering to written disciplinary policies of the school and choir will forfeit their eligibility for their jacket. The student must uphold the goals and standards of the choir. It is understood that withdrawal or dismissal from the choir prior to graduation of his/her senior year results in forfeiture of the jacket.

One additional way to earn a letter jacket is:

1. Earn a spot in the Area Choir. These students will be eligible to receive a letter jacket the following year, regardless of grade classification.



A yearly choir calendar is provided for your use in planning your family schedule for the entire school year. Each student is important to the success of our program and we must be able to count on 100% attendance at each performance and rehearsal. If a family emergency occurs unexpectedly, we ask that the PARENTS please either e-mail or call the choir office and leave a message. Occasionally there may be family commitments (weddings, graduations, etc.), in which case we will try to be flexible and work with you on an individual basis. This can be facilitated by discussion well in advance of the event.

Student job commitments are NOT considered excused absences. Many students have jobs and still participate successfully in choir. We recommend that students take a copy of their choir calendar to their supervisor at work so that they know well in advance what the student’s school commitments are. Most supervisors are very flexible when this is handled in a responsible and mature manner. Should it be necessary, we will be glad to validate those commitments with a student’s supervisor.

If a student has an unexcused absence from a performance/required function, he/she is subject to removal from the choir program. Disciplinary problems, not limited to those in the choir classroom, will also be grounds for removal from the program.



  • Cell phones will NOT be allowed during class time unless instructed otherwise.
  • School ID badges must be visibly worn at all times.
  • Give 100% of your attention to any person addressing the class.
  • Do not talk during rehearsal. This distracts you as well as those around you.
  • Treat any and every person as you would want to be treated at all times.
  • No Gum. No Food. No Drinks (with the exception of water in a clear container).
  • Be in your seat with your choir folder and pencil BEFORE the tardy bell rings.
  • Do not bring ANY personal items to your seat. This includes backpacks, books, makeup, purses, etc.
  • Do not play the piano without permission from a director. The practice room pianos are available for practice when not in use by a scheduled rehearsing group or individual. Check with your director before entering a practice room please.



Students in choir will be given a numerical grade based on the following:

Daily Skill Demonstration Grades (50% of total grade)

This grade is earned by daily demonstration of the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) for Fine Arts. This grade is not determined by inherent ability for music, rather the effort given in class to become a better musician. This grade includes participation, demonstration of fundamentals, and improvement of singing and sight-reading skills. Evidence of teamwork will also be taken into consideration – (i.e. contributing to the group through attitude, behavior, supportive comments and actions, etc.)

Major Grades (50% of total grade)

Test Grades (including written and Sight-Singing Tests) – Each student will be given written exams and Sight-Singing tests throughout the school year. All students are given the choice to make up the written test if they are not happy with the result. They will have until the last day of the grading period in which the test was given.

Concert Attendance – In accordance with TEKS, students are given grades for their attendance at concerts. Because our concerts are a direct extension of daily classroom activities, they are considered to be curricular by state standards. A concert will count as 3 test grades (1 for the warm-up/rehearsal, 1 for the concert itself, and 1 for concert etiquette). Please see the handbook section entitled PARTICIPATION EXPECTATIONS for information on unexcused absences.




All music organizations adhere to the eligibility rules and regulation as stated by TEA and AISD. To be eligible at the high school level at the beginning of the school year, students must have earned the accumulated number of credits in the state-approved courses indicated below.

  • Commencement of 10th grade year – 5 or more credits toward graduation
  • Beginning of 11th grade year – 10 or more credits toward graduation
  • Beginning of 12th grade year – 15 or more credits toward graduation

Any student whose recorded nine weeks grade average in any course is lower than 70 at the end of a 9-weeks period shall be suspended from participation during the next 9-weeks period. However, a student may regain eligibility seven calendar days after the three-week evaluation period if the student is passing all courses on the last day of the three-school-week period.

The Allen Choir Staff will enforce all eligibility rules and regulations. Students who are ineligible will continue to rehearse during his/her choir classes and before and after school and participate in curricular performances to earn his/her choir grade. Ineligible students may not travel with the choir or participate in extracurricular performances. An example of a curricular performance would be a Fall concert and an extracurricular performance would be a spring trip or any type of contest (i.e. UIL, Solo contest, All-Region, etc). Be advised that excessive absences from school may also result in a student being declared ineligible.

The choir staff and Allen High School/Lowery staff work hard to assist and encourage choir students to perform up to their potential in ALL classes. Since all of our Choirs are group activities, every individual student plays an important part in the success of the group. The choir staff consults both with teachers and students for strategies for improving individual student performance. Obviously, we cannot be successful as a choir unless our students are successfully passing ALL classes.




Students who represent the Allen ISD on out-of-town trips are expected to maintain very high standards in every respect at all times. They are expected to attend and be on time for all sessions and activities scheduled for them. In the event of overnight trips, they are expected to be in their rooms at the times designated by their sponsors.

Each student will be responsible to one or more faculty sponsors who will supervise the activities of the student for the trip. Negligence in attending sessions, in meeting curfew requirements, or in failing to maintain our standards of conduct may make it necessary for the sponsor to send the student home at his/her own expense. Student conduct on school-related trips: Self-discipline is the key element for a pleasant experience for both the sponsor and the student when the student is on a school-related trip. Students who are involved in a serious disciplinary offense on a school-related trip, such as the use, possession of, or being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, stealing, fighting, going in the room of a member of the opposite sex, or some other serious offense will face disciplinary action which may include one or more of the following:

  1. The student will be sent home from the trip at the parents’ expense.
  2. The student will be held liable for damages to property.
  3. The student may be removed from this school activity as well as other school co-curricular activities.
  4. The student may be placed in In-School-Suspension (ISS), Off-Campus-Suspension, or Alternative Education Placement.

Students’ attire during school activities outside the school day should be in good taste. If there is any question of taste, the director’s decision is final. All adults on trips serve as sponsors. Students will be expected to treat them with respect at all times. In the event a parent sponsor gives needed supervision, choir students must honor that with utmost respect.

GENERAL – Even though you will not always have a choir shirt on, people will find out where you are from. You have the opportunity to make a tremendous name for Allen and for yourself. Be courteous and polite at all times. There is no way we can anticipate every possible scenario, so we ask for good judgement. Please use common sense.

RULE OF THUMB: If there is any question in your mind as to whether you should do something or not…DON’T DO IT! It is better to be safe than sorry.





High School Choir members who plan to attend the trip must secure their place with a non-refundable deposit.

Each year, the choirs will participate in a choir trip. Trip payments will be divided over the school year to decrease the burden and allow students the opportunity to fundraise. Should a student become unable to attend, he/she will be entitled to a refund based upon the refund schedule provided by the festival company minus the deposit.

Requests for refunds must be made in writing before published festival company deadlines (see trip packet).

No refunds will be given 30 days before the trip departure date; therefore, students should be diligent with their eligibility.





Auditions for placement into an upper level choir are done in May at the end of the previous school year. The audition consists of the following:

  1. End of course sight-reading test (0-100 points)
  2. Year long written test average (0-100 points)
  3. Year long sight-reading test average (0-100 points)
  4. 25 points awarded for each 9-weeks period that the student was “eligible” (0-100 points)
  5. 5 points awarded for each “extra” event including All-Region, Solo Contest, UIL, Pop Show, etc (0-20 points)
  6. 10 points awarded for the number of years in the AHS Choir Program (0-30 points)
  7. Vocal Maturity (0-100 points)

After all of the points are awarded to each student, the open spots are filled by those with the highest point total.