Choir Officers



Choir Council – The Council will consist of representatives from all choirs. They are requested to attend scheduled meetings with the directors as well as Booster Club meetings.

President / Vice President – will be responsible for maintaining an accurate database for each class, will represent choir in Council and Booster meetings, will M.C. at the Choir Banquet, will assist director with filling all volunteer slots, and will insure completion of all concert tasks.

Uniform Czar – In addition to attending Booster meetings, the czar will assist with uniform upkeep and organization.

Librarians – In addition to attending Booster meetings, the librarian will see that every student has copies of all necessary music and will help with filing and organization of the music library.

Historians – In addition to attending Booster meetings, the historians will represent the choir department by taking pictures and helping to prepare the end of the year scrapbook and video presentation.

Quartermaster – In addition to attending Booster meetings, the quartermaster will be responsible for keeping the choir room announcements up to date as well as informing choir members of upcoming special events

President: Suneri Patel

Vice President: Griffin Wetzel

Historian: Jessi Delfino

Historian: Nicole West

Librarian: Hannah Holtz

Librarian: Nikki Kamdar

Librarian: Aiden Keister

Quarter Master: Darci Williams

Uniform Czar: Katie Purdin

Uniform Czar: Jaren Heidenreich