Voice Teachers




All students are encouraged to take private lessons in order to improve their individual singing skills. While directors are skilled instructors on the various voices of the choir, there is simply no substitution for private one-on-one instruction received from someone who is considered to be a professional performer. We are extremely fortunate in Allen to have numerous professional private lesson teachers available to help students reach that “next level” of performance. Many of the private teachers are, or have been, affiliated with the many professional performing groups located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The Allen directors will assist choir students in scheduling lessons with the qualified teachers; however, we suggest you be aggressive in “locking in” with a teacher as soon as possible. Private lessons are a must for serious choir students. Individual instruction from a qualified specialist can make “all the difference’ in a student’s progress and will result in a more enjoyable experience in choir. Students enrolled in lessons will take them during their choir class or before/after school.

Private voice students are expected to participate in All-Region auditions, Spring Show, Solo Contest, Master Classes and Voice studio recitals.

Private Voice Lessons through Allen ISD

Private voice lessons will be given through the Allen Choral Department during class time and after school. There will be one 25-minute lesson per week.

The cost is $18 per lesson.

Monthly payments are due at the first lesson of the month.

Teacher Expectations

Recommended practice time is 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week. More time may be necessary for those preparing for auditions or tryouts. We expect a commitment to this practice schedule.

Student participation in the following is expected for all studying privately:

participation in all scheduled voice recitals or master classes, fall and spring auditioning for the All-Region Choir in September/October competing in the AHS Solo/Ensemble competition in February any other audition opportunity promoted by the choral directors

Students should come to their lessons prepared, with a cooperative and respectful attitude. They should also bring all assigned materials to each lesson.

Students should learn notes and music before coming to the lesson so that lesson time can be spent on musicality, phrasing, and vocal technique.

Drop Policy

Students should make voice lessons a long-term commitment for the entire school year.

If an unavoidable situation arises making it impossible to continue lessons, the student is expected to finish the lessons for the month that is paid for (no refunds).

If expectations are not met, the teacher may choose to discontinue lessons after finishing the month that is paid for.

Absence Policy

If a student is to be absent from class on a lesson day, he or she should notify the teacher by phone or e- mail as soon as possible. This includes class time absences for field trips, class conflicts, and Encore performances. As we are not in the administration’s interoffice mail system, the office does not notify us about absences or field trips. Notification remains the student and/or parents’ responsibility.

Failure to notify the teacher will result in default of the lesson. It may be made up at the teacher’s discretion if they so choose and if their schedules permit.

Excused lessons will be made up as fits the teacher’s schedule. If a teacher cannot make up an excused lesson, they may elect to credit the lesson at their discretion.

In the event the teacher must be absent, notification will be made and lessons made up at the earliest possible time.

Studio Placement

We have several private teachers on staff this year. Their bios are available for your review. The request form allows you to indicate a preference of studio. Not all teachers will be available on all campuses or during all choir periods. Every effort will be made to place a student in his or her preferred studio, but it is advisable to mark a second choice.

Returning students will be assigned to their previous teacher unless the student requests a change.